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James Hunt (
Date:Tue 03 Apr 2018 10:04:06 PM EDT
Subject:Stalag Luft IV

My father was Hubert A. Hunt, a tail gunner on a B-24. He was in the 448th Bomb Group, crew #49. From what I found, it appears he was in Lager "A" at Luft IV. Like many WWII POW's, he did not talk about the war much. I asked at times, but not much was said. I do remember him telling us about living on potatoes for many days. My daughter is doing a school project about the grandfather she never met, which prompted me to go through my dad's army trunk. He kept many things, including pictures, maps, books, etc. I have his medals, dog tags and patches. I even found his leather gloves with the wool liners as well as his metal tag from the POW camp. It has been quite a trip down memory lane to remember these great Americans.


Nicholas J Taylor (
Date:Wed 17 May 2017 11:20:12 AM EDT
Subject:Stalag Luft IV

I have some information regarding the POW camp Stalag Luft IV. My grandfather and his brothers all served during WWII. My grandfather served on YMS-72 Minesweeper. His name was George.

My grandfather's brother, Armando "Babe" DiMatteo took record of his entire duration at Stalag Luft IV. He would make small journal entries on anything he could find. Toilet paper, matchbooks, and bits of paper. He was in the camp for 296 days until they were liberated. He put together about a 100 page documentation and story about everything that had happened while he was there. It is well written and quite compelling. I don't believe it was ever published.

I would assume many of the men that are still around would like to have a look at the information I have.


Rufus Ward Jr (
Date:Tue 27 Dec 2016 10:41:20 AM EST
Subject:Dr Julian Boggess doctor at Stalag Luft IV

Here is a link to a newspaper column I wrote about Dr Julian Boggess one of the doctors at Stalag Luft IV. The article also mentions 3 other POWs there, my father Rufus Ward, Charles Lee and Royce McMinn. I have written other columns about the experiences of my father and WWII veterans I have known.


Deborah J Zimmer (
Date:Wed 16 Nov 2016 04:18:09 PM EST
Subject:List of POWs I found That is a link from the Library of Congress About Stalag Luft IV and it lists the POWS. You might have seen it but thought if someone was looking for someone on the list of POWS that might help the.


Deborah J Zimmer (
Date:Wed 16 Nov 2016 04:13:08 PM EST

My mother's brother, my uncle was a POW at Stalag luft IV. His name was George Slessman and he was a Right Waist Gunner, Mid-air collision ; crashed at Rheineberg on 6/21/44 in B-17 #4231359. Is there anyone still around that might remember my Uncle George so that I could get more information about his time spent in this camp?


Don Block (
Date:Sat 16 Apr 2016 11:12:42 AM EDT
Subject:My Father Edwin J Block is not on the roster Serial Number 12130997

He participated in the Death March and walked West after liberation.
Shot down Sept. 13, 1944 in a Fortress KU 2908. Went to to Dulag Luft first .. then to Stalag Luft IV.
I have one comment: He told me when I was young the Russians liberated the camp and then made the prisoners walk west. I've seen reports on the internet stating the camp was liberated by the British. Perhaps someone can comment on which it was.


Paul McCoy (
Date:Wed 02 Sep 2015 10:15:00 AM EDT
Subject:Wilbur Leroy Williams

Wilbur Leroy Williams was not shown on rooster. He was in Stalag Luft 4 and was on the Death March. He was shot down 8-23-1944 and was in hospital for about 2 months. He then was taken to Stalag Luft 4 by center wheel train. He spent about 9 months including time on the March. How do I update this information as there is not a rooster for the 451 bomber group that I can locate.
H.Paul McCoy


kimberleyhine (
Date:Sat 06 Dec 2014 04:10:12 PM EST
Subject:finding records for my grandad

Hello my grandfather was Gerald George percy hine he was a flt/sergeant he was a part of squadron 37.
He joined the Raf at the age of 16years and was a rear gunner.
He flew in the Wellington bomber planes. In 1944 his plane was shot down over the blue Danube.
Him and 6 crew members survived I was wondering if any one had any information about this and names
Of the crew he was with ?they travelled for three nights and some Hungarian pedants took them in
But them one Hungarian pedant betrayed them and they were arrested and taken as pow to stalag lift 4 .
My grandad was also a part of the stalag luft 4 death march and he survived it all .
My grandad died of lung cancer in 1988 I never got to meet him and IM intrested in any information any one may have and photos if possible Thankyou


Levi Otis (
Date:Wed 19 Nov 2014 05:28:13 PM EST
Subject:Grand Father POW Stalag Luft 4


Looking for any information regarding my Grandfather and his crew. Aircraft Serial# 41-24395. 5 were killed, 5 were POWs. Nickname "I Do Dit" 15th Airforce, 2nd Bombardment Group, 49th Bombardment Squadron. MACR 2060. There is information up until they jumped out of the plane, and nothing after that.



David Corley (
Date:Tue 03 Jun 2014 11:09:16 PM EDT
Subject:Forest Corley of Visalia, CA

My grandfather was in Stalag Luft 4 from May 1944to approx. May 1945 he was on a B17 that was shot down over Germany only 3 survived he passed away in 2004. I understand the reason why but he didn't talk about it much and only found out some information after he passed away.


Jeannine Berroteran (
Date:Sat 15 Feb 2014 02:46:43 PM EST
Subject:Sgt. Anthony P. Chick, TG

I was wondering if my uncle, Sgt. Anthony P. Chick, TG was ever added to the list of those who were imprisoned at Stalag Luft IV in (Gros) Tychowo. While he, unfortunately, didn't live long enough to see the monument dedication, I would like for his name to be added to the list (I had sent a message some time ago but I don't know if his name was added after my initial contact).

Thank you.


Thomas Hataj (
Date:Mon 21 Oct 2013 03:45:14 PM EDT
Subject:Stalag IVB dog tag found


Recently I found near my home in the Czech Republic POW dog tag with inscription Stalag IV B and POW number 253937.
Please, is there any chance to find the owner of dog tag? I searched the internet already everywhere, but no results.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Thomas Hataj


Jack (
Date:Fri 11 Oct 2013 03:00:28 PM EDT
Subject:Stalag 4 names list

My father was in Stalag 4, but I do not see his name anywhere. He might have been one of the 60 Polish prisoners, as he was in the Polish army, and all had given up without a shot. He was born in Ukraine, but drafted into the Polish army.
is there a way to see the full list of prisoners? even the Polish ones?


Brandon Fode (
Date:Sat 05 Oct 2013 01:43:37 PM EDT
Subject:John Fode

My grandfather was held at Stalag Luft IV after his B-17 was shot down and I've been working to find more information about it. I am taking a trip to Europe in a few months, and for some reason I cannot find if there is still a memorial or remnant of the camp still standing for the life of me. I would love to visit the site if there is still anything there. Any help would be appreciated if you don't mind emailing me. My grandfather's name was John Fode, and any information at all would be incredible.


Marcus Pratt (
Date:Sun 04 Aug 2013 04:22:08 PM EDT
Subject:Levi Pratt


I am the grandson of Levi Myron Pratt, a prisoner of Stalag Luft IV. He was a waist gunner on the B17 bomber "My Princess" of the 351st bomb group in Polebrook, England. He was a native of Connecticut and, upon returning home, eventually settled in Laketon, Indiana.

My grandfather really didn't want to talk about his experiences. What we do know is that his plane was severely damaged during a bombing raid over Berlin. As the plane attempted to return to Polebrook, he and the crew were forced to bail out over the Netherlands. He was captured and sent by rail to Stalag Luft IV. He was a grade 5 Sergeant.

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away several years back. As he was reluctant to speak of his experience, which we obviously respected, I'm hopeful of finding someone that knew him or knew of him. I am interested in making sure his service and sacrifices are recorded for my son and kept in the family.

If you have any information, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated.


Travis Rice (
Date:Mon 22 Jul 2013 01:21:33 PM EDT

First, I am the grandson of Thomas Calvin Rice, does anyone know him? He never talked about his time in the camps, and he drank his life away after. His greatest fear was being buried alive (even on his death bed he grasped at the nurse and made sure that she "checked" to see if he was really dead before we buried him. Anyways, he was part of a crew that bailed out of a B-24 over Germany, the pilot and co-pilot made it back to base but told the rest of the crew to bail out. He was a member of the 460th bomb group, 367 squadron, plane 944. Does anyone have any more information than that. All is welcome. I am putting together my family history and it is must appreciated. Also I have some letters he wrote from the camp asking for food.


Kimberly Douglas Hancock (
Date:Fri 24 May 2013 08:51:19 PM EDT
Subject:95th Division, 378th Infantry, Company G Robert E. Willoughby

I am looking for anyone who might of fought alongside my Uncle Robert Willoughby. He was wounded near Metz, France in Nov. 1944. He died in a POW hospital on Dec. 6th, 1944.


Tim Franklin (@
Date:Sun 17 Feb 2013 05:26:20 PM EST
Subject:Stalag Luft IV

Am searching for any info available on; Andrew Douglas Franklin, Sr. He was from Dozier, AL and shot down on September 1944. He was released in April 1945 at the end of the war.
Thanks for any help.
Tim Franklin


Victor Fox (
Date:Sun 13 Jan 2013 06:29:57 AM EST
Subject:Private Frederick Fox 2/5 Essex Regiment.

Dear all,
I am researching my late fathers war service, he is Frederick Victor Fox from Dorset and he was captured in North Africa in early July 1942 by the Italians and eventually ended up in Stalag Luft 1V. Sadly, he died in 1952 when I was only 5 years old so I have few memories and not much detail of his experiences.


Harold S. Sherill (
Date:Wed 03 Oct 2012 10:37:42 AM EDT
Subject:POW Status

I am researching for a bio profile on a WWII veteran that was with the 15th Air Force, 464th Bomb Group, 777th Squadron that was shot down on July 16, 1944. The veterans name is Don Clotiaux of Village Mills,TX. He was part of the Death March and arrived at Stalagluft IV around Aug. 1, 1944. His name does not appear on the POW roster. Mr. Clotiaux was 21 yrs. old when the camp was liberated by Allied Forces on May 5, 1945. Mr. Clotiaux is 88 yrs. old and is doing well. The purpose for my research is to build a profile on his military service and his time as a POW. He is to be an Honored Veteran at the annual American Legion Post 72 Lumberton, TX. this November. Any help on his POW status will be appreciated. Thanks


Dennis Hager (
Date:Fri 31 Aug 2012 10:19:57 PM EDT
Subject:T/Sgt Herman Hager

My father was a radioman aboard a B-17G (42-102600/Z) 'Zoomeriago', shot down over Merseburg, Germany on November 21, 2012. He finally arrived at Stalag Luft IV, Keif-Heide, Germany on December 4, 1944. I am looking for anyone who might have remembered my father during his stay at the base, or perhaps during the 596 mile march for 80 days until he was liberated at Schlaitz, Germany by the 104th Infantry Division commanded by General Courtney Hodges. He didn't speak too much about the war, and if he did it was only about the plane which he did talk about from time to time. I sensed he must have been uncomfortable to relate anything about his stay at Stalag-Luft IV,or the march that followed to his six children, three boys and three girls. Perhaps he was protecting us from something he felt we probably really didn't need to know anything about. I was an inquisitive child, and I always wanted to know everything that happed over there. I sensed he was uncomfortable relating anything to me about his prisoner of war story. I felt that there would be plenty of time for that later. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 59 in 1982. He was a musician before, during, and after the war. In fact, he received a music scholarship, but that was cut short after only one year-WWII. I was wondering if anyone has any information on my dad and musician at Stlag-Luft IV. Rumor has it that the Germans slipped some clarinets into the camp for him.


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