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Roberto (
Date:Sat 18 Aug 2012 03:04:14 PM EDT

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k_gutzman (
Date:Fri 17 Aug 2012 09:13:53 AM EDT
Subject:Robert L Collins

My grandfather Robert L Collins was with the 445th, He has passed away, but my son and I are doing some family history.
He was reported to be shot down, and wounded in his plane, pushed out by his fellow airmen. He landed in a tree, and hurt/broke his back. Captured by the Hitler youth, and taken to Stalag IV. I can not find out anything else, I.E. his plane or crew? Any infor would be great.
Robert L Collins from Ohio
I do have his serial # if needed.


Rodney Oshel (
Date:Thu 12 Jul 2012 05:13:39 PM EDT
Subject:Lee Hazen a POW in Stalag Luft IV

My Uncle Lee Hazen was a POW in Stalag Luft are some videos of his story we were able to get:

Hope this helps capture the history behind the war and it's unsung heroes!


Jeff Ketchledge (
Date:Thu 31 May 2012 02:51:46 AM EDT
Subject:Earl Ketchledge

I'm sorry I forgot to mention, if any were looking for him or wondering, he passed away in October of 1977.


Jeff Ketchledge (
Date:Thu 31 May 2012 02:50:39 AM EDT
Subject:Earl Ketchledge

My grandfather Earl E. Ketchledge was a prisoner here but like others would not speak of it. God bless all of you.


Dan Shine (
Date:Sat 21 Apr 2012 10:11:11 AM EDT
Subject:Laurence J Shine

My uncle larry (Laurence J Shyne) was a prisoner in Stalag Luft IV. He passed away at age 91 on April 4, 2012. He would never speak of his experiences. The family found this website only after his passing. Thank you.


Charles L. Stewart Jr (
Date:Sat 03 Mar 2012 09:21:43 PM EST
Subject:Death of members of Stlag IV

The Date of Death of my father Charles L.Stewart is 1986 in Little Rock, Ark. also Today attended the funeral of David O. Bowlan a member of Stalag IV his DOD is Feb 29, 2012


jgrebe (
Date:Sun 29 Jan 2012 06:29:09 PM EST
Subject:Lt. William E. Ellerbush

Can anyone tell me anything of a Lt. William E. Ellerbush? He flew with my Cousin George Grebe on B-17 31629, 457 BG, 749th Squadron. He may have been a POW in this Stalagluft.

James Grebe


Miriam Feiden McCoskey (
Date:Sun 01 Jan 2012 09:09:43 PM EST
Subject:Information concerning Norman (Nathan) Feiden

My father Norman (Nathan) Feiden is 86 years old and suffering from dementia. I am attepting to create a record of his service that will become a part of our family record on The following is what I know taken from a roster for Stalag IV: Cpl. Nathan Feiden 42072250 Brooklyn, NY 20.11.1944 485.BG POW Stalag Luft IV Gross-Tychow
If you have any information about my father and his experiences in the camp please share by email. Thank you in advance.


Date:Sun 11 Sep 2011 10:44:18 PM EDT
Subject:JD Bennett POW Stalag Luft IV

I would like to first thank the moderators for this wonderful site. I am the grand daughter of JD Bennett we lost this amazing man June 2010. I grew up hearing stories of his time in the military and as a POW. I am now doing further research on his time spent in captivity and about his missions in the 463rd 775th B17G PYSONYA. I have looked at some sites and they have him on the list and some he is not. I think he was in larger C, I can not seem to find his POW number. Our family has a copy of barbed wire interlude as well. We as a family have many of his stories on tape in his own voice these are priceless to our family and willing to share his tales with as many as we can. We also have a book written about him by a local author. Any information that you can provided me or valuable sites that I may have to farther my search will be appreciated. I am trying to compile as much information that I can to fill the holes where his memory failed him. He was on the death March and the storied he told us about that were just so amazingly unbelievable. My heart goes out to all of the men of Stalag Luft IV and their families waiting at home for their safe return and the hero's that did not return to their loved ones.
thank you again for this wonderful site


Matt LaPlaca (
Date:Tue 05 Jul 2011 11:42:48 PM EDT
Subject:Earl R. Cutler

My maternal grandfather,Earl R. Cutler was a nose gunner in a B-24 Liberator during WWII. His plane, along with many others, was shot down in August of 1944. His official record states that he was held at "Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow (formerly Heydekrug) Pomerania, Prussia (moved to Wobbelin Bei Ludwigslust) (To Usedom Bei Savenmunde) 54-16."

He died on June 4, 2008.

He rarely spoke of his war experience; and when he did, he did not say much. I am attempting to research his story. Any information would be appreciated.


Regina Cox (
Date:Sun 12 Jun 2011 06:35:54 AM EDT
Subject:Dedication of Stalag Luft IV memorial

You have posted info. about the dedication of the memorial for Stalag Luft IV. The ceremony which the former POWs actually attended was Sept. 4, 1991. My father, Dr. Robert W. Otto was there with my brother. My father was a POW at Stalag Luft IV and was evacuated to Fallingbostel on the German Death March, early 1945. He has written a book, A WALK WITH GOD, which tells his story.

In addition, John Nichols attended the ceremony. He travelled with the group to Tychowe, interviewed the former POWS and included the details in his book, THE LAST ESCAPE. It is a fascinating account.

Regina Cox


Barbara Bass Bergstrom (
Date:Tue 10 May 2011 02:21:30 PM EDT
Subject:crew member Al Quevedo

I'm looking for a crew member of my father's . My father was William A Bass. The crew member's name is Al Quevedo. Anyone who may have known or knows Al Quevedo please contact me.
Thank you ,
Barbara Bass Bergstrom


William A. Bass (
Date:Tue 10 May 2011 12:23:57 PM EDT
Subject:POW WW@ Stalag 4 and 6.

If anyone knew my father back in the camps, any and all info would be appreciated. My dad was handcuffed to Harold J. Brown , during the death march.
Barbara Bass Bergstrom


gkcuftryobz (
Date:Sun 13 Mar 2011 04:19:08 PM EDT

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Herbert S. Gold (
Date:Wed 09 Mar 2011 01:48:47 PM EST

I was a POW in Stalagluft IV and I am interested in anyone liberated on February 5, 6, 7, 1944. If you would be interested in communicating, please get back to me with phone numbers, addresses and e-mails so we could keep track of each other and share.

Herb Gold


Bonnie (Ashe) Hanson (
Date:Sun 30 Jan 2011 09:41:00 PM EST
Subject:Daughter of Staff Sgt Thomas J. Ashe on the Tailwind flight 11-2-44 in Germany

My father passed away on 5-5-06 and I wish I asked more questions about his time during WWII and his bombing missions and subsequent taken as a POW after he was shot down. After alot of "googling" for information about his life during the war, I came across this message board regarding fellow members of his crew. My sister has his journal he kept during the war. I have read a few pages but some of his handwriting was hard to decifer. I also have his bomber jacket which has the emblem of a Red Devil holding what looks like a bomb. I am interested in finding if there are any members of his crew that are still alive and can tell me anything they may remember about my father during the war. I am also trying to decide if I should donate his journal and bomber jacket to a WWII museum or even if this is something they would be interested in having. I still live in Massachusetts where I grew up. My father was from Springfield, MA. I miss him dearly every day...he truly was my hero.


Bob Lee (
Date:Tue 07 Dec 2010 04:48:23 PM EST
Subject:Harold McDaniel, POW at Stalag Luft IV

My grandfather's (Harold L. McDaniel) B-17 s/n 43-37556 was lost on a mission to Merseberg on Nov 2nd, 1944. Here's the info: 751st Bomb Squadron, Callsign G, B-17G, Failed to Return - Fighter - Merseberg, 11/02/1944. He was a POW at Stalag Luft IV. Thank you for the website and the information. Today as we remember Pearl Harbor, I think about my grandfather and what he and so many others did for my freedom. I look forward to reading more about Stalag Luft IV and thank you for providing this on the web. Bob Lee


Date:Thu 14 Oct 2010 04:53:00 PM EDT

After two years my brothers and I have finally completed our Dad's book. It is now available, complete with photos of life in and after the camps. You can see the book at This book is a must read for anyone interested in Stalag life and WWII.

We thank all of you who have helped out with this project. It is truly a product of the village.


starr gilmartin (
Date:Sun 10 Oct 2010 05:38:02 PM EDT
Subject:POW Sgt. John W. Cutler, 32273782, of the 515th Bomber Squadron

My father was a POW in Stalag 4 and when the Russians advanced, he escaped from one of the two columns that evacuated the camp, I believe in the infamous "death march." Anyone with further information on this, please contact me as I am trying to piece it all together. I have letters that give some information. Thanks, Starr C. Gilmartin, daughter of John W. Cutler


Andy Malinowski (
Date:Thu 07 Oct 2010 03:58:39 PM EDT
Subject:Stalag Luft IV POW Roster

My Uncle Robert C. Sage was also at SL IV and on the "Death March", hence my interest in this camp. I have been in contact with Mr. O'Donnell a number of times as well as the later Mr. Rose before his passing. I am currently working on expanding Mr. Rose's and Mr. Ludden's rosters on names for the men that where at SL IV. My data will include the following information if I can obtain it. Name, Rank, Serial, State of residence, Position on A/C, A/C serial #, A/C name, Lose Date, MACR #, Lager, Barrack #, Room # and POW #. Mr. O'Donnell has provided to me what info he has, and I thank him greatly for it. If there is anyone that has any of this info and are willing to share it with me I would greatly appreicate it. If you have any journals that were kept while there, hopefully cantaining roomate names and other info, or if interested in a preview of the info I am putting together I can send a sheet or two in pdf format to illustrate the format of the data I am compiling, it is currently about 175 pages containing approximately 6,500 names.

I am also going to include the names of the Canadian, French, British, Polish, etc. POWs that were there. I have been given the some 800 names (including Barrack, Room, POW and Lagers) of British POWs. Would be glad to hear for anyone who might have any of this information.




James Synan (
Date:Tue 07 Sep 2010 04:52:15 PM EDT
Subject:My dads room

Trying to find out what hut and room my dad " Bert Synan " was in at SL 4.He was shot down May 24 1944 on mission to Berlin.I know he was in B compound but that is all.He was a right waist gunner in B17 "The Monitor " 305th BD 365 Squad.Also would like him entered in roster of SL 4



Nancy Christensen (
Date:Sat 07 Aug 2010 12:29:21 AM EDT
Subject:Could you add my father's name to the Stalag Luft IV roster?

Dear Greg %26 Joe - would you be able to add my father's name to the Stalag Luft IV roster? I have his missing air crew report and correspondence with Leonard "Rosie" Rose which validate his time as a prisoner there. I would be happy to mail that information to you. My Dad's name is John Bianchin (POW #7394). My father's marching "buddy" Ken Burns is also not listed as well. I am sure I could get this information from him as well. It would mean a great deal to see their names on the roster.

Thank you - Nancy Bianchin Christensen


Toni Caldwell (
Date:Sun 13 Jun 2010 09:43:27 PM EDT
Subject:Caldwell, E.

I am writing on behalf of my Grandfather Everett E. "Smokey" Caldwell. He was one of the many men who was in Stalag Luft IV and part of the Death March. My Grandfather passed away last year and all these years he would only share very basic information about the war. From what I have read and learned from momentos he has kept I am at a lost for words for him and his fellow serviceman. I have alot of respect for our soldiers serving, and who have served. The honor and pride runs deep.
I would greatly appreciate to learn more about the history of Stalag Luft IV. I have searched the web for many things but if anyone could recommend a more personal report I would be grateful. It would mean alot to learn who "Smokey" was and what was going on during this unimageable time.
Thank you, Toni


carl bowman (
Date:Mon 07 Jun 2010 01:09:44 AM EDT
Subject:thank you

My uncle was a POW here at Stalag Luft VI. His name was S/Sgt. Walter H. Chesser. He was a waist gunner on the B-17 Eager Beaver and was shot down along with Lt. Col Eugene Carson captured and taken here.It was both a pleasure and privilege to be allowed to view pictures of this Stalag and read some of the stories that others had written and in doing so imagine some of what my uncle experienced. While alive my uncle never would talk about his exsperiences.When asked he would quickly change the subject. It was through Carson's book "Wing Ding" which another family member had found that I started to learn the story behind my uncle's capture which then led to this website which will now allow me to in turn share this information with my own children so that they can now from what type of courageous roots they come from.


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